What is a Worldview...


We all have one.  It's how we see and understand the world around us especially in regards to issues like philosophy and religion.  Our worldview is important because it has everything to do with the choices we make and how we relate to one another. 


The Big Questions...



  • Why is there so much evil and suffering in the world?

  • What is my purpose in life?

  • Who decides what is right and wrong?

  • What happens when I die?

Mankind has been trying to answer these big questions for a long time, but it seems that in modern times we are just living for the moment.  And for many of us, it just isn't enough anymore.  Join us for a series of discussions to explore and find your worldview.


Are you interested in attending or hosting the course?  Whether it is a group of 6 or 60, we give you all the materials you will need to host your own Worldviews Course. 

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